Thomas / Far Cry Arcade

2018 / Personal project

  • Creation of a Bounty Hunt mission.
  • First person game
  • Emphasis on stealth, the player is highly vulnerable.

You are looking for Thomas, the man you were going to marry. He flew to St. James Island to treat a depression, a place known to help people through difficult times. After not hearing from him for months, you took the first flight to the island. Suddenly, a suspicious defect of the plane causes its crash ... But you survive. Disoriented and stranded on an island shrouded in fog, your main priority is to find Thomas and the person responsible for his disappearance.

Mission Design           

Creation of a mission with a 360 ° approach.

Design time allocated: maximum of five days.

Three design pillars: exploration, mystery, infiltration.

Provide a good amount of tools and possible approaches for the

Various paths, each with a proportional risk.

Use of vistas and reference points (e.g. the radio tower) to help the player to situate himself in the environment and guide him.

Radio tower visible anytime anywhere on the island.

Environmental storytelling.

Atmosphere and gloomy environment for a feeling of oppression and anxiety.

Extreme care to the aesthetics of the environment (level art).

Level Design (island)

Level Design (school camp)