Kami / Unity3D

2016 / Game Jam

Kami is a solo experience halfway between a toy and a therapeutic game. Specifically, it is a 2D solo game for young children with anxiety or hyperactivity. The levels of the game were formed from exercises aimed at controlling the player's breathing. For a complete relaxation experience, the player has access to tactile material that serves as a controller.

By touching one of the four origamis (physically), the avatar takes its shape and acquires new navigation skills based on the player's breath in the microphone. (ex: blow to hover in swan mode).

For more details on KamiPoly Games official website. 

Award of the most original game - 6th edition of the Creative GameJam

Game and Level Designer          

Creation of an original prototype that stands out using a custom controller designed by the team.

Design of the concept, levels and game mechanics.

Theme imposed and supported through the design: the wind.

Time of realization allowed of 48 hours.

Small team composed of two game designers, artists and programmers.