Lights Out / Unity3D 

2018 / Integrative end-of-training project - In production

Lights Out is a 2.5D exploration and combat game with nine levels and two different endings. Complete fifteen-week production involving various artists, programmers, designers and animators. You play as Soona, possessed of an entity of light and you must stop an apocalypse.

Lights Out includes:
  • Two playable avatars with their distinctive set of skills
  • An upgrade system
  • A developed narrative universe

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Level Designer and Assistant Lead Game Designer          

Creating clear and accurate reference documents.

Game Design Documentation (French)
Motivation of the troops.

To be the bridge between the different branches of the production.

To ensure the coherence and the balance of the game.

Prioritize a good player experience (readability of the interface, feedbacks, smooth navigation, etc.).

Level design of the tutorial, teaching of different mechanics.

Level Art by Patrick Guilbeault

Level Design: Tutorial of Lights Out, level 1

Level Design (global overview)